Natural stone

Natural stone

Natural stone: Every natural stone on our planet has its patterns, colors, speckles, and veining, which is then shaped into your desired countertop. It does not matter if you like a shiny, sparkling granite or an elegant marble; it will be a unique natural artwork.


  • Every slab is unique.
  • Wide variety of colors and patterns
  • Resistant to staining, scratching & heat


  • Elegant colors
  • Unique slabs
  • Ages beautifully


  • A dramatic stone that is sure to make a statement piece.
  • Comes in extravagant colors and swirling patterns
  • Some types can be translucent.


  • Nonporous.
  • High heat capacity
  • Rustic look


  • A natural stone made up of shells, algae, exoskeletons of coral, and calcium carbonate.
  • Has a luxurious ancient look
  • Has a honed look


  • Can contain fossils.
  • Travertine is desired for its imperfections and unique veining.
  • earth tones
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