Zimpel Granite & Marble

Why Zimpel

At Zimpel Granite & Marble, you will find beauty, quality, and tradition in the products we offer. We are a family-owned and operated company. Our company and our experienced professionals provide excellence in countertops and accessories made in marble, granite, quartz, and a variety of other products.

We work with the best suppliers in the market to provide the best products. We have always been determined to invest in technology, machinery, and knowledge to obtain a perfect end product with guaranteed satisfaction for the customer. Zimpel Granite & Marble has innovating cutting and polishing equipment, as well as the expertise to provide impeccable craft and quality in our services.

One of the many qualities of Zimpel Granite & Marble is in the after-sales service. We offer essential support in the installation of our products, with strict supervision to ensure a high-quality standard in every service provided.

Our Story

Airton Zimpel started working in the stone industry as a fabricator in a Georgia company in 2007. In 2014, Airton and Ronaldo Zimpel decided that a significant next step would be to open a family business of their own which then  Zimpel Granite & Marble emerged. In 2017 they decided that Charleston would be the perfect place for their business to expand and continue to grow. Together they opened Zimpel Granite & Marble because of their passion for high-quality work.  Together, they will personally ensure that you receive the highest quality and craftsmanship in every service they provide.

Let their family serve your family.

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